RainPac water bladder tanks: The preferred water storage solution

With global warming on the rise, climate change changing rainfall patterns, and as the driest continent in the world, it’s important for Australians to think about managing and harvesting their most precious resource — water. Whether it be for domestic or commercial use, efficient water storage solutions are vital to Australians as temperatures rise and water supply prices hike.

RainPac rainwater bladder tanks are the ideal solution for every Australian — whether homeowners or the space-conscious, those investing in landscaping or driven by sustainability.

Effective under house and under deck water bladder tanks

RainPac rainwater bladder tanks are proven to be an elegant & minimalistic solution to storing rainwater. They are also highly compatible, able to be connected to any type of water pump and service tank in use, feeding precious rainwater to anywhere from toilets and laundry rooms to lawns and gardens.

Water bladder tanks for any space

Utilising unused spaces beneath houses and decks, RainPac lets you store rainwater without affecting the aesthetics of your property. Moreover, each tank is 100% customisable to meet any specific size requirement to best maximise your storage capacity.

RainPac water bladder tank: Outlet fittings

RainPac water bladder tank: Inlet fittings

RainPac water bladder tank sizes

Water bladder tanks made from quality materials

RainPac water bladder tanks are designed to withstand the extreme Australian weather. Each tank is created according to the standards of the industry, made with:

  • Heavy-duty, durable, and reinforced TPO fabric that is 100% PVC- and BPA-free, non-toxic, UV-stabilised, rot- and mould-resistant, as well as fray- and stretch-resistant.
  • Durable, ready-to-install pipes and inlets.
  • 100mm inlets – the largest inlet available on the market to ensure that your RainPac collects as much rainwater as possible.
  • Built-in inlet strainers and spillage barriers to prevent water loss from evaporation, spillage, or excessive use.

We also supply all fittings with every tank purchased, including filters – making RainPac the only brand in Australia to do so for our customers.

Water bladder tanks made for easy installation

Every part of every RainPac water bladder tank meets the Australian Plumbing code AS3500, including the requirement for all tanks to be certified to AS4020 for plastics in contact with drinking water. This means it can be easily installed by any competent plumber.

Quality products with quality service

Since 2006, FloatPac has been successfully manufacturing and delivering over 40,000 RainPac rainwater bladder tanks around Australia with great success. Not only do we offer a top quality water storage solution, but excellent after sales servicing and customer care as well.

Each tank unit comes with our 10-year warranty to guarantee the best possible use. Our friendly and expert staff are also only a phone call away for any queries you might have or maintenance advice you might need.

Absolutely wonderful transaction of money for a quality product that was high in quality but quite affordable. Easy to install and detailed instructions made it all that smoother to have my plumber complete my installation. Thanks guys!

Aaron DeVisser

Private Client

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