RainPac underhouse rainwater bladder tanks

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RainPac rainwater bladder tanks are the perfect solution for rainwater storage.

Using, in many instances, otherwise unused space under houses, buildings, and decks, RainPac flexible rainwater bladder tanks allow vast amounts of soft rainwater to be stored without ruining the aesthetics of your home, nor taking up yard space.  By using these areas, RainPac water bladder tanks do not sacrifice space and house aesthetic for valuable water storage.

Available in 18 standard sizes, with standard capacities ranging from 1,000 – 12,000 litres, every RainPac rainwater bladder tank is shipped with every fitting that is required to complete a standard installation.  Our standard range consists of 6 widths from 1 metre – 2.6 metres, and three standard lengths:  4 metres, 6 metres, & 9 metres.

Every tank is shipped Australia wide for free with our selected freight partners, and every RainPac tank is manufactured from our exclusively supplied PVC free potable water tank material.

Behind every great brand is an even better warranty!  Every RainPac is covered by FloatPac’s 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, and every rainwater bladder tank is pressure tested prior to being shipped.  The RainPac rainwater bladder tank design is backed by FloatPac’s successful 35-year manufacturing history, and every rainwater bladder tank is manufactured using the latest in materials and manufacturing techniques.

RainPac – because it never rains forever.

Standard sizes:

We also offer a complete custom made to order service so that we can tailor-make rainwater bladder tanks to suit your exact measurements.  For a no-obligation, free of charge quotation, please contact us and advise your length, width, and height available, and our sales team will provide you with a quotation.



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RainPac under house rainwater bladder tanks are supplied with the following installation kit, which completes any standard installation:

  1. Full installation guide
  2. Ground sheet manufactured from flexible polyethylene sheeting
  3. 1 x Leaf Eater Ultra Rain Head
  4. 1 x 90mm Tank Overflow Flap Valve Mozzie Stoppa
  5. 1 x 100mm threaded poly socket
  6. 1 x 100mm pipe adaptor
  7. 1 x 100mm-90mm bush type adapter
  8. 1 x 90mm PVC female/female elbows (90 deg)
  9. 2 x 90mm PVC male/female elbow (90 deg)
  10. 2 x 90mm PVC tee
  11. 1 x 1 metre x 90mm PVC pipe
  12. 1 x pipe cement kit
  13. 1 x 32mm ball valve for outlets
  14. 1 x 1 metre x 32mm flexible outlet hose with male BSP threads (black)
  15. 1 x 12mm x 10M teflon tape
  16. 1 x 50mm vent cowl breather
  17. 1 x 50mm pipe adaptor
  18. 1 x 50mm – 40mm bush adaptor

Click here to download the complete RainPac rainwater bladder tank installation guide.