Onion tanks

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Flexible onion tanks are PVC free, manufactured from Aqualine 850gsm TPO polymer fabric.  A large range of flexible onion tank capacities are available for a multitude of applications:

(Note: Closed top onion tanks are available for capacities up to 15,000 litres / 3960 USG only)

*please note that onion tanks above 25,000 litres / 6600 USG are priced on application – please contact us to discuss further.

Flexible onion tanks are primarily designed for applications where rapid deployment is required with minimal set up time:

  • Drinking water – emergency aid relief, potable mains water replacement
  • Temporary liquid storage for repairs and maintenance of another liquid holding device (tanks, swimming pools, ponds)
  • Temporary containment of almost any liquid (wastewater clean-up, oil spills, chemical spills, decontamination)
  • Spill containment and water filtering
  • Frac tanks for hydraulic fracturing
  • Bushfires & fire fighting, helicopter refills
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Short term construction site liquid storage
  • Military requirements

Every Flexitank flexible onion tank is 100% PVC free and suitable for a large variety of liquid storage options.  Flexible onion tanks are supplied standard with:

  • 2″ poly tank fittings with ball valves, cam locks and dust caps (1200 litre / 317 USG – 3000 litre / 792 USG)
  • 3″ poly tank fittings with ball valves, cam locks and dust caps (5000 litre / 1320 USG and higher)
  • Ground sheet, which also acts as a carry bag when folded down
  • Open top onion tanks are supplied with a self-supporting floating foam collar, which always sits above the height of the liquid inside the onion tank.  A floating cover is supplied with every open-top tank as well
  • Closed top onion tanks are supplied with an additional vent in the centre of the top of the tank.  Closed top tanks are especially useful for sensitive liquids, like potable water where contamination must be avoided at all costs




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