Flexitank lift & salvage bags

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Flexitank offer three types of inflatable lift bags for the purpose of salvage and flotation:

Enclosed cylindrical lift bags:

Enclosed pillow shape lift bags:

*please note all pillow shape lift bags have one lifting point at the base

Open bottom parachute lift bags:

*please note all parachute lift bags have one lifting point at the base

Flexitank salvage and lift bags are supplied as a ready to be used product, and are supplied with the following features:

  • Standard safe working ration of 6:1 (compliant to IMCA D-016);
  • 920gsm European PVC with heavy duty cloth giving it superior tensile strength;
  • 1” inlet and outlets with manual dump valves and either cam lock or claw (storz) depending on our client’s requirements;
  • Pressure relief valves with function set at 2 PSI above ambient pressure;
  • Heavy duty webbing straps with lifting points with Dee of bow shackles (at our client’s direction);
  • Heavy duty webbing straps with a single lifting point with a Dee of bow shackle (at our client’s direction);
  • Reusable valise bag; and,
  • Certificates of conformance

Flexitank inflatable lift bags provide a vast range of technical and commercial advantages:

  • Optimised to transport and to stow: around 500t of buoyancy can fit into a 20ft container; an incredible 1000t of buoyancy can be shipped in a single 40ft container;
  • Can be taken subsea deflated, and only inflated to provide buoyancy as and when required;
  • Operational flexibility via remote, user-controlled, variation of total buoyancy;
  • Easy to handle: mass to buoyancy ratio of approximately 1%, so a 5t enclosed lift weighs only 45kg (99lbs); and,
  • Low ongoing maintenance requirements and very easily repairable if the need ever arises

Since 1984, Flexitank has been at the very forefront of inflatable lift bag technology for the purpose of salvage and flotation. Flexitank (Australia) design, engineer and manufacture a sophisticated range of inflatable lift bags for a multitude of applications and industries

Flexitank is a trusted partner worldwide to salvage, shipping and defence sectors, as well as the offshore oil and gas industry, offering an extensive range of off-the-shelf enclosed, parachute and pillow style inflatable bags to address some of the world’s most demanding salvage and flotation challenges.

Ranging from 250kg dive bags, to heavy duty helicopter flotation devices for the Australian Navy, to twenty tonne parachute bags, Flexitank offer a range of inflatable salvage and floatation lift bags that mean our clients have complete trust in our solutions. This is thanks to our know how, keen eye for detail, and a proven manufactured range of inflatable bags that meet their requirements, no matter how great they are.


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