Inflatable marker buoy balls

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Flexitank inflatable marker buoy balls are manufactured from an extremely strong 650gsm reinforced PVC, which has excellent UV resistance, and is also rot and mould resistant.

Our world famous marker buoy balls are available in the following sizes:

Colours and finishes available are:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Royal Blue
  • Black
  • White

Every marker buoy is supplied with the follow standard fittings:

  • Welded inlet / non return valve
  • 2.2 PSI automatic over pressure valve
  • High quality, welded tie points / lugs on the side wills of every marker buoy, around the top and the bottom of the walls
  • High quality, sewn and welded anchor points, which are positioned uniquely around the base of every market buoy to act as a counter weighting system, meaning that if a Flexitank marker buoy falls over in the water, it picks itself back up!


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