Cafe sneeze guard | 1.3 metres wide | 2.1 metre height

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Cafe sneeze guards help protect patrons and staff.

100% Australian designed and made, FloatPac Cafe sneeze guards offer versatility in their design, making them the perfect tool in protecting cafe and restaurant staff and patrons both indoors and outdoors.


  1. Size: 1.3 metres wide x 2.1 metres height
  2. This size is specifically designed to meet DHHS regulations in Victoria for partition walls to be 2.1 metres high
  3. Sleek black design with clear windows makes for a stylish, minimalistic look and feel the ensure the perfect aesthetic for any setting
  4. Our unique hinging system means multiple screens can be easily joined together to create large partitions, allowing for social distancing and patron separation
  5. Adjustable feet allow each sneeze guard to used in a large variety of ways

Cafe sneeze guards pricing:

  1. One sneeze guard: $399.00 each | Free freight Australia Wide
  2. Three sneeze guards: $339.00 each – 15% off the single price! | Free Freight Australia Wide
  3. Five sneeze guards: $299.00 each – 25% off the single price! | Free Freight Australia Wide

Sneeze guards features:

  1. 100% Australian designed and made
  2. 100% shatterproof
  3. Manufactured from immensely strong 25mm aluminium tube
  4. Flatpack system with no assembly required – simply attach the screens together with our unique hinging attachment system, and position around your desk!
  5. Free freight Australia wide
  6. Stong 1mm clear PVC windows, which are very easily cleanable and replaceable.

Sneeze guards and screens provide a valuable layer of protection in enclosed office spaces to help protect staff and workers from airborne virus particles.  With Scientists from the Australian National University (ANU) finding data indicating microscopic particles can travel “several metres” through the air, sneeze guards and screens are an important tool in stopping the spread of airborne viruses.

Why buy sneeze guards from FloatPac?

  1. We are 100% Australian Owned
  2. We offer better value for money – there are no middlemen in sales of our sneeze guards, meaning we can offer the best prices in Australia.
  3. Our unique design means that our clear screens can be easily and economically replaced – something that is not possible with acrylic sneeze guards and perspex sneeze guards
  4. Our sleek design is minimalistic in its nature whilst being highly effective in its designed purpose
  5. FloatPac has been manufacturing and designing a large range of products for close to 40 years, and have a proven track history of research and development, along with sound manufacturing techniques and abilities.

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