Inflatable Marker Buoys

Marker buoys from Flexitank have been the world’s premium inflatable marker buoy brand for over 35 years.

Flexitank has supplied our world-renowned range of inflatable marker buoys to the largest water-based events around the globe.

Over the years, race day event organisers have relied on our inflatable marker buoys to provide reliability and functionality to ensure the success of their event and the safety of its participants. Aware of these requirements, Flexitank uses the highest quality materials designed for marker buoy applications, which are UV, rot, and mould resistant. All fabrics are also treated to be fire retardant. Our quality inlet, overpressure, and ballast attachment fittings ensure the integrity of our inflatable marker buoys when in use, with some of the very first buoys we manufactured in 1984 still in use today.

Available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes, Flexitank’s inflatable marker buoy range is extensive, offering a complete suite of options to ensure that the requirement of any water based event can be met, no matter what the requirement.

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