Custom Face Masks

Custom made branded face masks to protect your whole team stylishly and professionally
custom face masks - branded facemasks

MaskPac offers a range of custom face mask solutions for commercial and wholesale requirements.

Protect your entire team professionally and stylishly with custom face masks.  Add your logo and design to your team’s masks so that their branded face masks matches their work uniform.

Suitable for corporate and retail teams.

As the new COVID normal becomes a reality, face masks are now a part of personal and professional life.

Facemasks have become a primary front line weapon in stopping the spread of Covid-19, also helping protect the general public from every day viruses.

MaskPac is Australia’s premier face mask supply business, offering the full gamut of reusable face masks and disposable facemasks, allowing businesses around the country to help protect its staff, meet the various requirements of state and federal governments who have mandated masks, as well as provide every business with the opportunity to brand and design their own custom face masks as part of corporate wear as we navigate the new normal.

What does MaskPac stand for?

MaskPac is Australia’s trusted brand in the chaotic Covid19 world we now all live in.

Why MaskPac? Why now?

MaskPac was created by FloatPac as we stared down our business ravaged by Coronavirus in March 2020.  Identifying the need for face masks as the world deals with Covid-19, we developed MaskPac to become Australia’s one-stop mask shop.

How can MaskPac help?

Covid19 has shown the world the risks viruses and bacteria present. The transfer of viruses and bacteria tends to happen when touching or sharing everyday products. MaskPac aims to try and help and reduce the chance of this happening, providing the world with products that fight viruses and bacteria for the life of the product.

Reusable face masks offer a great return on investment compared to disposable masks.

Disposable masks can cost as little as 20% of the cost of reusable masks, so you might be tempted to think they represent better value. However, cost per wear, reusable masks become better value after just 4 to 5 wears, making them a much smarter investment.
MaskPac fitted facemasks navy blue male

3 Ply Custom Face Masks

MaskPac’s custom made fitted face masks are the perfect mask for complete customisation and branding. 

A custom branded face mask will ensure your team look professional while facing customers.  

Supplied with anti-bacterial protection and water repellency as standard, our 3 ply face mask will be a welcome addition to any business looking to protect their staff with custom face masks.


  • Reusable polyester/cotton blend face mask.
  • Lightweight: Each mask, with a filter, weighs only 15 grams, making them perfect for all-day summer wear
  • Our outer uter layer supplied with bluesign approved and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX antimicrobial treatment with added water repellency for maximum protection.
  • WHO, USCDC & DHHS compliant
  • Interchangeable filter layer – each custom face mask is supplied with 2 x reusable washable filters
  • Comfortable fit with head and neckband – means masks can be worn all day without any ear pain from painful ear loops.  Earloops can also be provided on custom orders.
  • 100% Australian designed and made
  • Unisex design
  • Minimum order quantities of 300 pieces for full customisation, with no additional artwork or design charges.
  • Prices start as low as $4.90 ex gst

Download MaskPac’s corporate brochure

Download MaskPac’s September wholesale price list – Please note prices are applicable to ABN purchases only

custom face masks - branded facemasks by MaskPac

MaskPac x Bumpaa ViralOff® face masks

  1. MaskPac x Bumpaa custom face masks are treated as standard with ViralOff® antibacterial and antiviral technology.
  2. Each custom face mask weighs an incredible 6 grams each, making them the ideal face protection for all-day wearing throughout Summer.
  3. Every mask is supplied with two ear slits, meaning it fits a wide variety of face shapes and head sizes
  4. Standard fabric design is 82% polyester/18% Xtra Life Lycra™
  5. Full customisation available on as little as 100 custom face masks with no additional charged for artwork and design
  6. UK designed and manufactured
  7. Prices start as low as $8.20 ex gst

Download MaskPac’s corporate brochure

Download MaskPac’s September wholesale price list – Please note prices are applicable to ABN purchases only

Check out some of our custom designs:

To get your custom face mask quote and artwork sent, simply fill the below form out, include you logos and imagery, and our design team will get straight to work on completing your mockups for your approval.  

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