About Us

MaskPac is an independent entity of FloatPac Pty Ltd, a business that goes back 30 years in Australian manufacturing.

Who are we

FloatPac’s manufacturing arm was devastated during the recent pandemic, but this is just where the story begins.

Like many businesses during this time, FloatPac reviewed other essential services that complimented their teams’ skills. After the review, they pivoted their manufacturing arm and began producing face masks. At first the reusable pleated mask, then the fitted mask, and lastly they began sourcing face masks from all over the world. This is where MaskPac began.

What started as a small manufacturing team, has now amassed to a group of over thirty people, sourcing, cutting, machining, QAing, packing, shipping and talking to our valued customers.

With the creation of MaskPac, we have been able to better service our customers using a dedicated team, website and platforms that are designed and aligned for online retail. It has allowed us to scale our business to meet the needs of Australia.

MaskPac sells direct through our website, but we also have a large number of commercial, government and healthcare contracts we supply.

While we continue to service our retail customers, we will always prioritise government and healthcare orders to ensure masks go to frontline workers for their protection.

Types of Australian made face masks

Reusable for when you do, disposable for when you don’t.

Cotton Fitted

Silk Fitted

Cotton Pleated