As the latest coronavirus cluster continues to grow in South Australia, the South Australian Government have released new guidelines around face masks for its general population.

As per the SA health website, wearing facemasks in the community is now advised when physical distancing of 1.5m cannot be observed.

The recent South Australian face mask updates of the Directions relating to masks include mandatory mask use for employees at nail salons, tattoo parlours, hairdressers and similar businesses. Facemask use is also mandatory in aged care facilities where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

SA health advice on who needs to wear a facemask is as follows:

  • At nail salons, tattoo parlours, hairdressers and similar businesses, masks are mandatory for service providers, and encouraged for clients (in effect as of Tuesday, 17 November).
  • Masks are mandatory in aged care facilities where physical distancing cannot be maintained (in effect as of Tuesday, 17 November).
  • It is mandatory for certain categories of essential travellers from Victoria to wear a mask at all times when in public.
  • People who are in self-quarantine or self-isolation who need to leave their home to seek urgent medical care, seek urgent medical supplies or get tested for COVID-19 must wear a mask when in public.
  • People who have been advised by their GP or health professional to wear a mask.
  • People working in hospital and non-hospital based care roles who are required to wear PPE as part of their roles.
  • Domestic travelers flying to and from South Australia are strongly encouraged to wear a mask for the entire duration of their flight.

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