FloatPac is very pleased to announce the completion of Australia’s FIRST privately owned and operated floating solar system.

Floating solar by FloatPac Solar

Installed at Brimin in North Eastern Victoria, this system is a 30kW behind the meter application that feeds this fodder farm power-hungry pump systems.

Our client decided to go with floating solar, as his only other option was to cut down about a dozen trees to install some ground-mounted solar, which he didn’t want to do, and the local council would not allow.

The result is pretty spectacular, even if we do say so ourselves!

Floating solar by FloatPac Solar installed walkway

This is the fifth floating solar system to be installed in Australia, and FloatPac Solar’s third project.  As we said, this is the very FIRST privately installed, owned and operated system in Australia!

A huge congratulations to Metro Solar and Kennedy Electrical and Solar who have completed all solar and electrical works.

FloatPac installed the floating componentry for this project.

Solar panels used in the project were Jinko Solar 400watt modules, with SMA Australia 20kW inverters installed.

Floating solar by FloatPac Solar with Jinko solar panels

Jinko Solar 400w solar panel modules

Floating solar by FloatPac Solar with SMA inverter

SMA inverter deployed with FloatPac Solar floating solar

The system will now deliver around 500mWh or renewable solar power per annum, slashing the proud owner’s power bill, saving water through evaporation control, and ensuring there is no wasted land or trees cut down for a ground-mounted solar system to be installed.

If you are interested in discussing our system and also looking at how FloatPac Solar can become part of your renewable energy future, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

FloatPac Solar’s Australian designed floatovoltaic system focuses on decreasing the impact on the environment by containing algae bloom, enhancing water security, reducing carbon emissions, all while using 100% recyclable floating solar pods and increasing energy generation efficiency.

Gavin Hodgins, FloatPac CEO

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Floating solar by FloatPac Solar installed in Brimin, Victoria