FloatPac is extremely pleased to announce the signing of a new licensing agreement for the Australian manufacturing of oxygen treatment hoods in the fight against Covid-19.

Under a new license agreement that we have signed with Subsalve USA, and in conjunction with Fabric Solutions Australia we will soon begin the local manufacture of a disposable oxygen treatment hood right here in Australia.  They will be available for export worldwide.

FloatPac oxygen treatment hoods to fight Covid-19

Whilst oxygen treatment hoods have been used in many countries in the Covid-19 fight, they have been in short supply to meet the current world crisis.  The design which FloatPac now has access to is the first single-use, disposable oxygen hood that is available anywhere in the world.  The new variant offers significant benefits to doctors and clinicians in treating Covid-19 patients, as well as ensuring a higher level of comfort and personal fit for the patient wearing the hood.

Thanks to our relationship with Subsalve USA and Fabric Solutions, we have been able to action this agreement in a relatively quick time to swiftly move into manufacturing.  When we saw the effectiveness of the design and the complexities that had been removed in designing a disposable hood system that can be rapidly manufactured and deployed worldwide, the opportunity between our three businesses to mobilise an agreement swiftly to help john the fight was something that quickly developed.  Being able to bring this product further to market, along with being the first in Australia to do this, is an exciting prospect for FloatPac to be able to help in the current crisis.

FloatPac oxygen treatment hood features:

  • The FloatPac oxygen treatment hood helmets not only both pump oxygen into patients’ lungs, but they also help prevent infected patients from passing on the virus they are suffering from
  • 315mm diameter x 300mm height
  • Standard design includes
    • 2 x 22mm welded ports for standard hose connections from ventilators and respirators
    • 1 x welded patient access port for feeding tubes etc
    • Raised interior port stem to reduce the backflow of sputum or other fluids.
    • Shoulder straps for securing to the patient when inflated
  • The unique one-piece fully welded design means less chance of any pieces disconnecting during use
  • No changeable parts are necessary
  • Custom porting options are available
  • Designed and sold as a disposable, single-use item
  • 100% Australian Made

FloatPac oxygen hood key benefits:

  • Our technology and machinery afford us the ability for high volume production, with robotic precision, meaning every unit is identical in manufacture
  • The inlet and outlet extend up into the oxygen treatment helmet about an inch, meaning that if there is any cooling of condensate or phlegm or other fluids or contaminants inside the helmet, it’s not going to make its way back out of the hood
  • As our system utilises no rigid parts, patients using the oxygen treatment hood can recline back and rest their head on a pillow or a bed comfortably, without rigid parts digging into their neck
  • All welding is carried out with extremely strong radio frequency and hot-air welding techniques. FloatPac have utilised these welding technologies for close to 40 years, meaning the manufacturing techniques and procedures employed are well tested and proven

Production prototypes and manufacturing processes have been in progress for some weeks now, with the first samples to be available for review by May 25th 2020.  It is hoped that production will be able to begin within a week of this date to meet the demand as orders start rolling in.

We have uploaded a full information pack, which is available for download here.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.  In the meantime, please contact us to discuss our new oxygen treatment hoods as soon as possible.

Legal disclaimer:

Please note that all sales are for investigational use only.  FloatPac confirms that it is the customer’s total responsibility to comply with all investigative requirements.  The product offer is significantly equivalent to predicated devices.  The product has not been cleared or approved by the TGA.  FloatPac is now shipping sample orders that are purchased from FloatPac.  Contact us for further information.