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FloatPac Solar is Australia’s first & only local manufacturer of floating solar equipment for the installation of solar farms over water.

The future is bright with FloatPac Solar.

FloatPac Solar is an Australian designed floatovoltaic floating solar system that delivers all the benefits of traditional solar without expensive and limiting land requirements. 

Innovative and cost-effective, FloatPac Solar floating solar systems enable land locked bodies of water to harness solar energy, adding a raft of economic and environmental benefits which traditional ground and roof mounted solar arrays cannot.

What is Floating Solar?


Why choose a FloatPac Floating Solar System


Decentralized power supply

By decentralizing power supplies from large scale coal plants, floatovoltaic floating solar farms help to ease stress on infrastructure and significantly reduce power loss across energy systems.  FloatPac Solar can also be installed in dense capital city areas where land costs are at a premium and would never be used for utility scale solar farms. 


Cost effective

FloatPac Solar’s floating solar systems return on investment is typically superior to ground mounted solar farms, thanks to:

  • significant evaporation savings – by covering 80% or more of a body of water, up to 70% of recorded evaporation can be removed
  • reductions in cost of protecting bodies of water from harmful and costly algal blooming
  • reductions in ongoing maintenance costs,
  • greater system efficiency,
  • simplicity of installation,
  • ease of cleaning and reduction in water consumption during cleaning processes, and,
  • utilisation of a traditionally lazy asset – water.

Remote, reliable power access

FloatPac Solar floatovoltaics offers power supply certainty for regional and rural communities- ensuring their energy needs will be met into the future in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable method.


Strength in numbers

Our streamlined manufacturing process ensures low production cost and competitive system prices for FloatPac floating solar farms.


Energy usage synergies

FloatPac Solar systems are particularly suited for energy and water-intensive industries which cannot afford to waste either land or water.  Wineries, dairy farms, fish farms, mining companies, waste-water treatment plants, irrigation districts and water agencies are examples of organisations who can harness renewable energy, whilst benefiting from the synergy that our system creates between sun and water.


Simple to adapt to any electrical configuration


Introduction to Floatpac Solar floating solar systems

Watch the introductory FloatPac Solar video below

Australian owned, designed and manufactured, FloatPac’s unique floating solar arrays are ideal for energy and water-intensive industries where land is at a premium:


Increase Power Yield

Designed to facilitate maximum surface area exposure of solar panels to water, FloatPac Solar floatovoltaics improves solar panel efficiency by 11 – 21%. The end result is floating solar panels with greater power generation for longer periods each day.


Built from recycled plastics and 100% Recyclable

Every FloatPac Solar flotation pod is composed of over 30% recycled plastics during the molding phase, and is 100% recyclable, UV stabilized, rot and mould resistant.


Support Future Proofing

With floating solar, there is no need to take large areas of land out of commission for ground-mounted panels, and hence no costly remediation required if you decide on a change of use.


Reduce Water Evaporation

By covering otherwise exposed bodies of water, FloatPac Solar significantly reduces evaporation.


Enhance Water Security

The shading created by FloatPac Solar floating solar systems significantly slows algae growth and reduces embankment erosion by reducing waves.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

The unique design of FloatPac Solar floatovoltaics means that our packing density in all forms of air, land, and sea transport is superior to other flotation offerings.  This not only reduces transportation costs, it also impacts on your carbon footprint.

Check our some of the FloatPac design features here:

Designed and engineered from the ground up, FloatPac Solar is an innovative, refined and effective solution:


Exceptional Modular design

FloatPac Solar pods are a truly flexible, modular system.  Whatever your solar array mounting requirements, or preferred panel orientation, FloatPac Solar can be installed to meet your exact specifications.


Freight friendly

FloatPac Solar’s streamlined design lends itself to increased packing density across all forms of transport.  This not only improves payloads of pod deliveries and decreases freight costs, but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of delivery to installation sites.


Flotation Experts

FloatPac has a proud 35 year history of manufacturing flotation devices for the marine salvage, oil and gas, and defence industries.  We understand flotation – from R&D through to fabrication, we have the breadth and depth of understanding to deliver superior solutions.


Ease of Installation

FloatPac Solar’s unique pin system means constructing our floating solar systems is a quick and effective process.  Furthermore, with little to no excavation work required, FloatPac Solar farms require minimum site preparation or heavy lifting equipment.

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