Flexitank heavy duty industrial warehouse curtains are flexible walls that are a simple and effective solution to creating retractable barriers for protecting work areas and significantly reducing hazards in the work place.

At a fraction of the cost of a permanent wall, Flexitank heavy duty industrial warehouse curtains can:

  • protect work areas that are open to the environment;

  • divide off work areas;

  • prevent dust and other particles from spreading to other work environments from machinery; and,

  • Isolate work areas from surrounding contaminants.

Flexitank industrial weather curtains offer quality weather protection for:

  • Add weather protection to building openings;
  • Are less expensive than a permanent wall;
  • Are more flexible than a permanent wall;
  • Contain dust, overspray and other particles to the work area;
  • Protect exposed work areas from the weather; and,
  • Seal off work spaces with a 1, 2, 3 or 4 sided enclosure.

Warehouse curtain key specifications & features:


Strong Construction

Every Flexitank industrial warehouse curtain uses our knowledge and experience to design and build a tailor made solution which will give you long lasting and hassle free service. All our flexible PVC screens and factory dividers are custom made to your exact requirements, and also include:

  • A completely custom designed curtain that uses materials to specifically suit your building and application;
  • The use stainless steel hold-down buckles (where required) to provide longer life and to hold the curtain in place in adverse weather conditions;
  • Made from heavy duty reinforced PVC;
  • Clear PVC can be used to provide 100% visibility of enclosed workspace; and,
  • Heavy Duty bearing rollers are combined with stainless steel hold down buckles to create a long lasting and effective barrier.

Brand Your Work Area with Advertising

Any Flexitank industrial warehouse curtain can be manufactured to most company colours and can include logos or advertising emblems upon request. Customising your wall curtain means you can give your work areas are professional look to areas that are visible to customers.  This helps every customer identify you easily, and adds peace of mind with added safety to any working area where a Flexitank industrial warehouse curtain is installed.

Usages of  Flexitank industrial warehouse curtains include:


Aircraft Hanger Curtains

A Flexitank industrial warehouse curtain is highly effective and economical way to confine operations often performed within aircraft hangars. Flexitank Industrial Curtains are a viable alternative to installing expensive prefabricated maintenance completion booths, which are expensive to build and difficult to move.


Warehouse Curtains

Useful for dividing up work space where a permanent wall is not required or too expensive. Add in visible panels for line of sight to internal work areas.


Wash Bay Curtains

For applications where power washing of vehicles, equipment or industrial materials takes place. Designed to contain water overspray and the dust and dirt from wash downs. An ideal solution where 1, 2, 3 or 4 sided enclosures are required. Can also be combined with a portable spill bund.

A clear PVC curtain can also be used provide 100% visibility. Add your logo or advertising and create a very professional look.


Garage Divider Curtains

Divide off areas for machinery and vehicles. Work on and isolate vehicles and machinery from the rest of your production areas.

Industrial warehouse curtains are very versatile and can be installed in a number of locations within or outside a factory or warehouse. Further areas and uses include:


Storage facilities


Manufacturing and assembly plants


Grinding and sanding areas


Anywhere a flexible space division or work area protection is needed


Keep birds and insects from entering building openings and loading docks


Dust contamination and control


Fume containment

See Flexitank industrial warehouse curtains in action:

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