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Inflatable Marker Buoys By Flexitank 

Flexitank is the world leader in the supply of inflatable marker buoys. Available in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, Flexitank can supply any configuration of inflatable and surface marker buoys to suit varying applications and event needs.

Premium Marker Buoys For Water Based Events Around The Globe.

For over 35 years, Flexitank has been the premium inflatable marker buoy brand, supplying our world renowned range of inflatable marks of the largest water based events around the globe.

Over the years, race day event organisers have relied on Flexitank marker buoys to provide reliability and functionality to ensure the success of their event and the safety of its participants. Aware of these requirements, Flexitank use the highest quality materials designed for marker buoy applications, which are UV, rot, and mould resistant.

All fabrics are also treated to be fire retardant. Our quality inlet, over pressure and ballast attachment fittings ensure the integrity of our inflatable marker buoys when in use, with some of the very first buoys we manufactured in 1984 still in use today.


Our world famous marker buoys are available in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes:

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Cylindrical marker buoys:

Truncated cone (round base) marker buoys:

Truncated cone (square base) marker buoys:

Marker buoy balls:

Cubical marker buoys:

Pyramid (tetrahedron) marker buoys:

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Flexitank inflatable marker buoys are manufactured in our exclusively available 650gsm polymer PVC material, with expected inflated life of up to 14 days at any given stage.

Flexitank have specifically developed this PVC fabric for the rigours of inflatable marker buoy requirements.  Strong, airtight, UV, rot & mould resistant, and abrasively impenetrable, our exclusive PVC fabric supply exceeds all marker buoy requirements.  As a result, our expected inflation period times far outweigh those offered by inferior market alternatives, and provide a product lifespan of 10 years plus – something our competitors can only dream about.

Flexitank marker buoys are supplied standard with the following features:


Cap sealed welds to ensure the longest inflation times of any marker buoy in the world


2.2 psi automatic over pressure valve


8 x lug / tie points around the wall, designed for retrieval line ropes as well as event day branding and banners

Please note:

  • CYSWIM, TCSWIM, SRSWIM, and the Marker Buoy Ball range are supplied with one anchor point 
  • CYSWIM, TCSWIM, & SRSWIM range are supplied with 4 lug / tie points each

Welded ¾” / 20mm non-return inflation / deflation valve


4 x one tonne anchor points, designed to counter weight each other, providing optimal buoyancy when deployed


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‘The Hervey Bay Boat Club Yacht Squadron has purchased buoys from Flexitank twice now after we were so happy with the first purchase. Their product has proved to be exceptional in design and manufacture and their service is commendable.’

Adrian Perry

Commodore, Hervey Bay Boat Club Yacht Squadron