Why carry bulky jerry cans or install expensive rigid tanks when every spare inch of onboard space is valuable?

The original marine bladders. And still the best worldwide.

Flexitank diesel, drinking water, and sullage waste water marine bladders allow otherwise useless space to become valuable liquid holding space – and at a fraction of the cost of traditional tank options, without the need to modify your boat.

Some manufacturers use old high-frequency technology to weld bladder outer edges. Some have even tried to copy what we do.

Flexitank’s range of marine bladders are 100% PVC & BPA free.

Manufactured from 100% Thermal Poly Olefin, Flexitank marine bladders are completely non toxic, chlorine free, and will provide a safer containment solution for your precious drinking water, a longer lasting and better serving containment solution for your on board diesel, and a safer and sealed containment of your onboard toilet and galley waste (as well as containing waste smells from permeating through your vessel).

Thanks to our quality and ingenuity in manufacturing. Flexitank only use the latest hot air, hot wedge, and high frequency welding technology to create seamless sided bladders. Fewer welds mean fewer weak spots. A new Flexitank will last longer and take you further.


With a range that covers 250 – 2000 litres (66 – 528USG) Flexitank has the solution to your liquid storage needs.

100% Australian made and built tough, Flexitank marine bladders give you a boating freedom that is un-paralleled against more traditional tank solutions and other ‘competitors’.

Key advantages of a Flexitank marine bladder include:

  • Replace bulky, rusty jerry cans that can damage your vessel
  • Extend your fishing, travelling and hauling range easily and inexpensively
  • Suitable for all below and above deck storage applications
  • Pillow tank style bladders are airless and water impermeable to prevent diesel contamination and protect your vessel’s engine/motor
  • The economical alternative to rigid tanks – a 250 litre Flexitank costs under $1000, customised rigid tanks can cost over $3000
  • Simple installation allows bladders to be fitted and filled in under a day in standards cases without vessel or caravan modification
  • Buy and hold high quality diesel fuel when it’s cheap and readily available
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made-to-order customisation: Up to 50,000 litres capacity to fit any shape and size requirement

Diesel, drinking water, and waste holding Flexitank marine bladders are available in 8 standard sizes:

Marine bladder product specifics:

  • All Flexitank marine bladders are PVC and BPA free!
  • Height when full is listed as the filled height of the Flexitank bladder. Add 90mm to get the overall height of the Flexitank including fittings
  • All fittings supplied are 100% Australian made acetal skin fittings and are supplied with male BSP threads and hose tails. The hose tails can be cut off before installation if BSP threaded connections are preferred
  • All diesel and drinking flexitanks are supplied standard with 1 x 38mm (1 ½”) inlet & 1 x 12mm (1/2”) outlet
  • All waste holding flexitanks are supplied with 1 x 38mm (1 ½”) inlet, 1 x 38mm (1 ½”) outlet & 1 x 12mm (1/2”) vent/breather
  • All tanks have seam taped end welds to ensure weld integrity

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