Flexitank Australia design and manufacture a range of inflatable, self-erecting medical tents and shelters, which are the perfect solution for a variety of medical and rescue requirements around the globe.

IsoTent is a versatile and rapidly deployable inflatable tent and shelter system.

IsoTent is the perfect solution for rescue and medical services when sheltered premises are required for treating the injured and sick. Specifically designed and developed to provide first responders and medical staff with the equipment they need, when the need it, on short notice.


IsoTent inflatable medical tents and shelters can be used by medical and rescue services worldwide.

IsoTent’s inflatable medical tents and shelters unique ability to create near-instant protection from the elements will make them an invaluable tool in various medical emergencies, domestically and internationally.  Manufactured from an immensely strong 650gsm PVC fabric, which has been used for decades by Flexitank Australia in its inflatable marker buoy range, IsoTent’s feature all the standard Flexitank inflatable fittings, as well as a range of accessories. IsoTent’s can be set up in a matter of minutes, creating a safe space to operate from in the fastest possible time.

IsoTent inflatable medical tent features:

  • Self-erecting and easy to inflate
  • Manufactured from extremely strong 650gsm PVC
  • Water proof
  • Easy to transport & lightweight – pack down to approx 1/10th of inflated size
  • Can be tethered with ground stakes for soft ground or ballast bags/concrete blocks for hard standing
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Range of accessories available, including clear PVC windows, mosquito netting, multiple entrances & exits
  • Welds internally capped wherever possible for maximum inflation time
  • Fans or blowers included
  • Designed and made in Australia with worldwide shipping available

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Flexitank IsoTent inflatable medical tents are manufactured in our exclusively available 650gsm polymer PVC material.

Flexitank specifically developed this PVC fabric for the rigours of inflatable marker buoy requirements, and now use it in the production of IsoTents.  Strong, airtight, UV, rot & mould resistant, and abrasively impenetrable, our exclusive PVC fabric supply exceeds all inflatable requirements.

The first prototypes of IsoTentTM have been released quickly into the market to accommodate requests with respect to the Coronavirus Covid19 pandemic, and the growing crisis unfolding locally and internationally.  FloatPac, the owner of Flexitank Australia, is continuing to seek development partnerships with the Australian Government, University Research Departments, as well as relevant private sector companies who are seeking to become stakeholders in this ongoing project and its developments.  Contact us immediately to start discussions.

Flexitank IsoTent inflatable medical tents are supplied standard with the following features:


Cap sealed welds to ensure the long inflation times


2.2 psi automatic over pressure valve


High quality zipper doors, allowing for multiple entry and exit points


Welded ¾” / 20mm non-return inflation / deflation valve


Extremely strong and durable tethering points


Operational instructions

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