Flexitank specialise in the manufacture of fish farming ocean liners for a variety of applications both on land and at sea.

Fish farm liners by Flexitank are a versatile solution suited for ocean based aquaculture fish farming requirements.  Complete fish farming liner solutions are available to medium to large scale aquaculture enterprises around the globe.  

Flexitank fish farm liners offer a product solution for floating salt and fresh water storage, and various bathing treatment requirements to treat a variety of disease found in fish farms around the globe.   Flexitank pen liners have been deployed around the globe to fight the spread of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) amoebic gill disease and sea lice, skin and gill fluke treatment for Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) as well as the large scale transportation of fresh water in open top floating liners attached to fish farming cages. 

Fish farm liners are designed and built to meet the worlds most demanding environments.

With over 12 years experience in fish farm liners, and a rich 37 year company design and supply history, Flexitank has developed a versatile and complete product offering, servicing various aspects of the worldwide aquaculture industry.  Solutions offered include:


Freshwater storage liners


Freshwater treatment liners


Wrasse & lump fish hides / curtains


Wind curtains for protection of installed treatment and storage fish farm liners


Harvest liners


Underwater feed waste cones

Key aspects of the Flexitank fish farm liner product offering:


Exclusively developed Aqualine range of polymer coated fabrics have proven track record and have excelled in field placement over the past 12 years

Aqualine fabrics include product offerings in Thermal Poly Olefin (TPO), Thermal Poly Urethane (TPU), TPU/PVC blends, and high density poly ethylene (HDPE).


Flexitank Australia’s technical excellence across all facets of liner design and manufacture has meant that traditional problems experienced in both bathing and transport liners are now non existent


Flexitank fish farm liners are available in a significant range of sizes and designs

Fish farm liners can be designed for attachment at various points of any floating cage. Sizes available can range from:

  1. 10 metre diametre (31.43 metre circumference) to 110 metre diametre (345.758 metre circumference); and
  2. 500mm depth to 10 metre depths

Standard designs exist to fit traditionally sized 38 metre diametre (120 metre circumference), 40 metre diametre (125 metre circumference), 45 metre diametre (140 metre circumference) and 54 metre diametre (168 metre circumference) cages, offering water capacities from 5 million to 25 million litres storage.


Superior headboard hems, headboard handles, and pull out handle designs have been engineering to a standard never seen in the industry before, resulting in successful delivery of liners in many of the harshest ocean environments in the world

Flexitank supply an exclusive range of polymer fabrics, which are the backbone of our fish farm liner product offering worldwide:

Through Flexitank Australia’s exclusive Aqualine range of polymer coated fabrics, developed in conjunction with key industry aquaculture experts over the past 12 years, fish farming liners have successfully been delivered and installed throughout in Australia, to Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) farmers, as well as South Australian and New South Wales Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) farmers.

Our exclusive AqualineTM fabrics available are (click on the fabric to see specifications):

*Please note:

  • TPO has a positive SG and is designed for applications where the liners are required to float
  • PU/PVC blend & Straight PVC have a negative SG and are designed for applications where the liners are required to sink


Check out aquaculture cage liners in action:

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