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FishPac live seafood transport systems are the worlds only approved air freight oxygen delivery system, delivering 21st Century air, road, and rail freight transport systems.


FishPac offers high payloads and low mortalities for a large variety of aquatic animals.

FishPac will transform your live fish transport & live aquatic transport business.

FishPac™ has revolutionised live fish transport. Launched in 2000, our Australian made end-to-end solution has uplifted more than 250,000 bins/totes around the world. Used daily in many countries, including Australia, Indonesia, Maldives, Japan, Canada, USA, Asia, Iceland and Belgium, with each tote containing up to 500 kilograms of live fish and marine life, FishPac offer an unmatched freighting solution across all modes of transport.

See how FishPac can revolutionise your live seafood business:

FishPac are the experts in transporting live marine life around the world

FishPac is more than just patented technology. FishPac gives you an end-to-transport solution that uses our engineering excellence, our knowledge of live aquatic animal shipping, and our international networks to give you even greater returns on your aquatic animal payload.

If you need live aquatic transport from A to B, FishPac makes it easy.

The patented FishPac live air transport system was created as an alternative to outdated water filled plastic bags packed in Styrofoam boxes and air pump systems. These traditional method of aquatic transport is labour intensive, environmentally toxic and yields high mortality rates amongst the aquatic cargo.

FishPac’s innovative in-container oxygen system reduces fish stress levels and lowers mortality rates from more than 50% to less than 1% per payload.

What can you ship with FishPac?

FishPac has over 18 years experience in assisting in the development of sound and successful shipping protocols for a significant number of species and animals. Here are some examples:

Coral Trout (Plectropomus leopardus)

With a focus on Hong Kong and Asian markets, FishPac is used by major regional exporters to deliver live coral trout to clients on a daily basis. With product payloads of up to 475kg in each FishPac bin, clients receive the highest quality products on a daily basis. Ease of packing in a short time frame combined with continuous supply of oxygen during transport reduces fish stress and ensures fish are of premium quality.

Greenlip Abalone (Haliotis laevigata)

In a world first, FishPac has delivered 500kg shipments of live greenlip abalone from Australia to the USA, journeys of 26 hours, with no mortality. Live transport of greenlip abalone in Styrofoam boxes is not commercially practical due to significant mortalities. FishPac systems now enable supply of live greenlip abalone to all Asian markets, a boon to suppliers who achieve a premium price for live products.

Blacklip Abalone (Haliotis rubra)

FishPac is used for regular shipments of blacklip abalone from Australia to Japan and other destinations. FishPac delivers abalone in premium condition with no mortality. The delivered quality is such that abalone for each client are pre-packed in holding boxes and on arrival are delivered directly to individual clients from the FishPac system, completely eliminating the need to ‘refresh’ the product by returning abalone to holding tanks prior to delivery.

Dungeness crabMetacarcinus magister

Large resources of this crab species exist on the west coast USA. FishPac is ideal for land transport of all crab species to domestic markets and air transport to international markets.

Crab can be packed in baskets for individual clients or packed loose on shelves to maximise payloads for bulk purchase clients. Regardless of packing method, arrival quality of crabs is exceptional, removing the need for clients to refresh product by returning stock to holding tanks prior to sale.

Atlantic Salmon Smolt & Parr (Salmo salar)

FishPac is used successfully to transport salmon smolt/parr from specialist breeding companies to farm facilities around the world. Building on successful FishPac research and development trials, our clients are regularly moving smolt/parr for journeys between 24-30 hours. Critical to the development of successful transport protocols has been the need to ensure arrival quality is excellent to ensure future growth potential is not compromised. It has been demonstrated FishPac readily meets this criteria.

Juvenile Fish (varying species)

Whether marine or freshwater, FishPac systems are ideal for transport of fish fry or fingerlings. Eliminating the need for Styrofoam boxes, packing times can be reduced from hours to 30 minutes. As the gross weight of FishPac is static, transportation costs for large shipments can be significantly reduced as total shipment weight is up to 50% lower.  Mortality rates are significantly lower in FishPac systems.

Hagfish (Myxini)

FishPac is used for regular shipments of hagfish from Australia and USA to Korea and other destinations. FishPac delivers hagfish in premium condition with no mortality, whilst also providing a greater bottom line profit to shippers who can increase their payload per PMC on aircraft by upto 25%.

High payloads of up to 700kg of high quality product can be transported in FishPac systems with minimal mortality.

Sea Perch/Barramundi (Lates calcarifer)

FishPac systems are used for land and air transport of all life cycle stages of sea perch. Delivering fry and fingerlings from hatcheries to farm sites using road freight, FishPac can carry payloads of up to 100,000 pieces for journeys typically of 30 hours. As a modular system, FishPac is suitable for use on all forms of land transport. Market product is transported by air or land direct to clients in all major Australian cities.

Eel transport (Anguilliformes)

Glass eels or market eels are equally at home in FishPac transport systems. Worldwide transport of glass eels for long distances and times are regular operations, an ideal task for FishPac systems. With simple insertion of portable substrate, payloads can be maximised.

High payloads of up to 700kg of high quality product can be transported in FishPac systems with minimal mortality.

King Crab (Lithodidae)

The giants of the Arctic are ideally suited for transport in FishPac systems. Their passive nature permits high density stocking with minimal restraint. Depending on size, payloads of over 400kg are practical, maintaining 100% survival. FishPac can be used for land transport of product from fishing villages to packing depots through to air transport of product to market destinations.

Please note!  This list is by no means complete, and we are constantly striving to widen the species FishPac can ship.  To find out how we can transform the shipment of your live seafood, contact us.

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