FloatPac is excited to announce the release of our new range of Flexitank Australia flexible diesel, drinking water and galley waste holding tanks for marine and recreational industries.

Leading the charge of the new release is our first product range that is 100% PVC and BPA free.

We are the first Australian manufacturer to release a complete range of product that is both PVC and BPA free for our drinking water and diesel Flexitank bladder range. By offering a complete bladder range that is 100% non-toxic, we are removing a great amount of stigma that other competitors face with their fabrics being manufactured from PVC, which is chlorinated, and full of bisphenol A (BPA).


The new Flexitank range:

  • Is manufactured from 100% thermal Poly Urethane, with every aspect of the tank being PVC & BPA free.
  • Conforms with AS4020 for plastics in contact with drinking water (for drinking water version).
  • Is certified as a primary containment product for the storage of diesel fuel (for diesel version).

Recent updates to the Australian Standards for plastics in contact with drinking water means that fabrics that met the previous standard no longer do. This essentially makes every Australian supplied PVC based fabric used for tanks under 1000 – 1500 litres redundant.

It’s scary to think that we’re the only manufacturer in the retail flexible bladder tank space that is paying attention to changes to the Australian Standards – it’s concerning for us as a manufacturer and the entire community of bladder tank potential clients!  However, we have always pioneered our own pathway throughout our 35-year history, so making the jump to being 100% PVC and BPA free is a natural progression for us.

As urethanes are not coated here in Australia, every Flexitank bladder is designed and manufactured in Australia from urethane fabrics sourced directly from our highly reputable international manufacturing partners. Having these partners as part of our supply chain is important, as we have direct access to the source if there are any problems, and it also means we can utilise fabrics that are specifically designed to our requirements and are only available to Flexitank. We are very excited to be working on new fabric solutions using other plastics, which will be introduced to the market in the next 12 months.

The complete range of new Flexitank bladders, in capacities from 250 – 2000 litres is available for purchase directly through Flexitank, with orders already being received and manufacturing underway.

Until next time,

Gavin @ Flexitank

About Flexitank Australia:

Flexitank Australia is a 100% wholly Australian owned and operated trademarked brand owned by FloatPac Pty Ltd.  Flexitank specialise in the design, engineering and sale of a variety of products manufactured from flexible polymer fabric.   Since FloatPac’s inception in 1983, it has become Australia’s premier niche supplier of polymer fabric products used in recreational sport and leisure, land and sea based aquaculture, live seafood transport, Oil and petroleum sectors, and water-based races and events.

International Grade.  Australian Made.

For more information about Flexitank and its array of Australian Made products, contact:

Peter Dimeck
Sales & Assembly Manager | FloatPac Pty Ltd Pty Ltd
+61 (3) 9548-4700