Our customers said they wanted 100% non-toxic, BPA and PVC free, UV stable, rot and mould resistant fabrication for their bladders and tanks, so that’s what we’ve delivered.

It took time – as we constantly refined our design and fabrication – but, finally, we tracked down the exclusively sourced AqualineTM TPO range of fabrics. Thermal Poly Olefin (TPO) is a mixture of poly propylene and poly ethylene; it’s completely PVC and BPA free and certified against worldwide drinking water standards.

This product truly is the ‘holy grail’ of flexible materials. TPO’s have been available in the marketplace for many years, but were limited in their usage with bladders and inflatables as they were neither strong enough nor capable of being high frequency welded – a critical factor for our products.

In late 2016, we started working with our overseas fabric partners on a new formulation, which, after some very serious testing, has passed all HF welding tests, which means we can launch the product into the very many spaces that Flexitank and RainPac transact in.  It’s a very significant step forward for our business.

Chemically, it’s also suitable for wide variety of liquids, which allows us to streamline our product offerings. Previously we’ve needed to hold a variety of fabrics to store a variety of liquids. This posed its own range of issues but, worst of all, held us back from accessing volume discounts, which helps us maintain a competitive advantage in the industries we operate in.

By streamlining to the Aqualine TPO range, it means we can use the same fabric in RainPac rainwater tanks, Flexitank pillow and onion tanks, fish farm liners, diesel and AVGAS tanks, and our soon to be released revamped range of inflatable fenders.  Gone are the days of holding five different types of fabrics for 12 different applications, and that is really exciting.

The new applications for this product are also a massive jump forward for flexible fabrics in general.  In many applications where we see Elvaloy’s and the like stipulated, we believe these can be transformed to TPO. Volatility and uncertainty currently surrounds the Elvaloy market here in Australia, due to recent agency changes with various manufacturers and distributors. As TPO has the same chemical resistances as Elvaloys, we hope to remove some of this uncertainty by offering a proven alternative. On top of this, we also hold a significant price advantage over all Elvaloys currently available here in Australia.

We’re currently stocking an 850gsm reinforced version of Aqualine TPO, with a heavier version of the fabric in the works.  We have successfully deployed the fabric in many applications already, from floating fish farms, to RainPac under house bladder tanks, to bund liners and onion tanks. Aqualine has so far proven to be exactly what we always though it would be; a spectacular new fabric which heralds many opportunities for FloatPac to further solidify its business as well as break new ground with the many product offerings we are currently converting to TPO.


As we continue to roll our the release of the Aqualine TPO range of fabrics, if you would like any more infromation or want to know how we can use Aqualine TPO’s in your next project, please contact us and learn how we can take your next project to be PVC & BPA free.