About FloatPac

Who is FishPac?

FishPac is 100% Australian owned and operated by FloatPac Pty Ltd.  FishPac specialises in the manufacture of equipment used in the transport of live fish and fingerlings via air, road and rail freight.

The lowdown:

The FishPac™ system operates by sustaining live aquatic animals with oxygen. The oxygen flows from an approved air/oxygen cylinder through the FishPac™ regulator (which has a worldwide patent) and is dispersed in the bin/tote via a ceramic diffuser.

The FishPac system is currently the worlds only fully ICAO & IATA approved live aquatic animal system incorporating oxygen, and operates under the strict guidelines of IATA Special Provision A302.

The benefits of the FishPac system are many:

  1. Increases shippers revenue, margin and profit;
  2. Proven reliable performance over 250,000 bins/totes shipped – no failures;
  3. Low stress levels for the transported animal;
  4. Low labour cost in preparing shipments;
  5. High payload;
  6. Low operating costs;
  7. No mechanical parts and proven high efficiency; and, 
  8. Approved by aviation authorities and airlines

The end result is the highest quality product being delivered anywhere in the world.  Combining the lowest mortalities available of any transport system, with maximised payloads, reduced carbon footprints and some of the lowest labour costs (for packing) in the world, FishPac successfully transforms any seafood supply business as soon as our system is employed.

There is a very extensive list of live aquatic animals which can be shipped using the FishPac™ system.  Click here to see some of that list.

FishPac works with both seafood exporting companies and Airlines around the world looking at transporting Live Fish via air, road or rail freight using our innovative system, and we welcome your enquiry.  Email us on info@fishpac.com to discuss your next live aquatic transport.

Who is Flexitank?

Flexitank is a trademark of FloatPac Pty Ltd, a 100% wholly Australian owned and operated business specialising in the design, engineering, manufacture and supply of a variety of products made from flexible polymer fabrics.

The lowdown:

Our history dates back to 1983, when Flexitank designed and supplied 2.5 tonne enclosed lifting bags to the Australian Defence Force, a contract that we still have to this very day.  Since that first project, we’ve grown our product range to offer niche, successful solutions covering a broad spectrum of industries and applications, including:

  • Aquaculture liners (land and sea based)
  • Emergency marine rescue services
  • Marine, recreational, recreational sport and leisure
  • Commercial, industrial and domestic building sectors
  • 4×4 & SUV
  • Oil and petroleum sectors
  • Water based races and events

Any business doesn’t flourish for over 35 years unless they provide the best and invest in the best.  We employ stringent design specifics to our entire product range, and use the latest technologies in hot air, wedge and high frequency welding.  Our broad scope of manufactured products mean we have access to the best array of fabrics and fittings in the world, which allows us to manufacture everything we make at a very high level – something not commonly seen in the industry spaces we operate in.  Extensive industry warranties cover everything we do and all our products are manufactured and tested to conform to major international standards of quality and safety where applicable.

Often copied, never equalled.

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  Flexitank is often copied, yet never equalled.  We will never compromise on quality, without exception.  This ethos, combined with a love and dedication to R&D, stringent manufacturing techniques, and our proven ability to take designs from prototyping to successful commercialisation has resulted in over 30 years of thriving company history that is integrated within our business from top to bottom.

Flexitank is a completely independent Australian business and is not associated in any way, shape, or form, with any other Australian or international company unless explicitly stated by Flexitank in writing.

Flexitankology: Near enough is not good enough

Near enough is not good enough for every product and every team member at Flexitank. “Flexitankology” is our internal reference to always strive to achieve perfection and never accept 99%. All of our products are put through stringent quality control processes and procedures. Wherever possible, every product is pressure tested before being dispatched.

You will find all of our products meet and exceed your expectations whilst providing everyday solutions that do not conform to the norm.  Our products are unconventional – which is why they perform exceptionally in unconventional situations.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power and there’s nothing better than making an informed decision. Across this website, we share what we make, why we make it, how it works, how much it costs and how you can get your hands on it!

Additionally, we are across various social media channels where you can like, follow, pin and comment on anything and everything Flexitank related!

What you see with Flexitank is what you get.

So, that’s us.  What you see with Flexitank is what you get.  Honest, proudly Australian, design and engineering oriented, and built on a set of morals that we are very proud of and that our clients thrive on.  If there is anything at all that we can assist you with, drop us an email, hit us up socially (links below), or give us an old fashioned phone call on 1300 306 000 or +61 (0) 9548 4700 and lets have a chat.  We are only limited by your imagination.

FloatPac is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia