FloatPac offer technologies to a diverse range of pioneering ideas and products. We solve a host of modern industrial problems across land, sea and air in an original, renewable, and eco-friendly way.

FishPac Live Fish Transport Systems

FishPac specialises in the manufacture of Live Transport Tanks used in oxygen sustained transport

Flexitank Australia | International Grade, Australian Made

the home of the worlds strongest flexible tanks, fish farming liners, inflatable marker buoys, and lift bags

RainPac under house rainwater bladder tanks

under house bladder tank harvesting systems are the perfect solution for rainwater storage

Who are we?

FloatPac is a state of the art Australian owned business based in Melbourne, Australia. With over 35 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, design and supply, FloatPac’s knowledge across an array of disciplines enables us to operate in a vast array of industries and service a unique and diverse client base around the world.

International Grade. Australian Made.

FloatPac live fish transport systems by FishPac | 100% Australian Made and Owned
FloatPac onion tanks from Flexitank Australia | 100% Australian Made and Owned
FloatPac underhouse rainwater bladder tanks by RainPac | 100% Australian Made and Owned

The FloatPac family:

FishPac live seafood transport systems are the worlds only approved air freight oxygen delivery system, delivering 21st Century air, road, and rail freight transport systems. FishPac offers high payloads and low mortalities for a large variety of aquatic animals.  Wholly owned and operated by FloatPac, FishPac is a uniquely positioned product offering that maximises our clients potential for low mortalities, high payloads, increased efficiencies, educed environmental impacts, and significantly higher bottom line profits.

Flexitank Australia is the home of the worlds strongest flexible tanks, inflatable marker buoys, aquaculture fish farming liners, and lift bags.

Flexitank Australia is a leading engineering and design, manufacturing, supply, and installation fabrication business based in Melbourne, Australia. We market and promote the world’s strongest flexible tanks, fish farming liners, marker buoys, and lift bags, all made right here in Australia. With a rich 35 year history, with strong ties to the Australian Navy and military specifications, you can be rest assured that every Flexitank product is designed, engineered and manufactured using the world’s highest quality fabrics

RainPac is the premier brand in Australia and around the globe for under house rainwater bladder tanks.

Successfully developed as an offshoot of our always popular pillow tank range, RainPac was born during Australia’s last very serious drought period in the mid 2000’s.  FloatPac, through its Flexitank arm, developed the RainPac product into what it is today – 18 standard sized tanks, crossing 6 standard widths and 3 standard lengths, offering standard capacities from 1,000 – 12,000 litres.  Since RainPac’s inception in late 2006, we have successfully manufactured and delivered some 15,000 rainwater bladders that have helped collect millions of litres of precious rainwater from simply flowing down the drain.

Australian Made Reusable Face Masks

Reusable, Washable, Australian Made Face Masks


Buy one, get one free across the entire range, with same day free shipping on all orders received by 3pm!

Pleated Cotton Masks

Fitted Cotton Masks

GALEGuard fitted face masks

Here’s some customer love.  Right here.

Ordered a flexible water tank for my boat to replace a bunch of coleman 20L jugs. Tank is rock solid, well built, water and airtight, and has survived some pretty harsh marine conditions in the past 6 weeks. Product was shipped quickly and arrived in Canada in under a week! Thrilled!

Gordon Lamb

Keep up the good service. When organisers realise they have a problem it’s good to be able to rely on your responsiveness.

John Barrett

President, Townsville Open Water Swim Association


Absolutely wonderful transaction of money for a quality product that was high in quality but quite affordable. Easy to install and detailed instructions made it all that smoother to get into my boat. Thanks guys !

Aaron deVisser

I purchased my Flexitank water bladder from the guys at the Melbourne Expo. I found the information provided to be of a high standard and the service/delivery of my tank very prompt. Would definitely deal with them again.

Chris Lewis

How can we help you?

If you want anymore information about all things FloatPac related, please get in contact with us and we will be sure to attend to your request as soon as possible.